Who I Am

Ash Arora

Ultimately, management and leadership is about getting things done with teams. And in doing so, I have a knack to foster a team environment where fulfillment and joy are abundantly available.

Molly Barksdale Visual Design Manager, BMC Software
Ash is community minded in his personal life as well as in the workplace. He is an inspirational leader and mentor who works to form partnerships which leverage and expand on the strengths of those he teams with to form a greater whole. Whether re-imagining a user interface or evangelizing new technologies to push industry norms, he is committed to creating more satisfying personal user experiences

Wes Gere Architect, BMC Software
Ash is very much a strategic thinker who is focused on what products need to succeed. Ash is amazing at cutting through organizational barriers to drive the right solution. He does all this while still not only treating everyone with utmost respect, but making all parties feel respected, which is much more.
Eddie Chen Principal Interaction Designer; Innovation Catalyst at Intuit
Ash is a terrific UX leader who has great passion for delivering awesome user experiences and building awesome UX teams as well. He creates teams who click and want to deliver the wow and enables them to do so. He also shows great care for his people and is always cognizant of their development in all areas, I recommend him highly!
Donna Brown Sr. Visual Designer at BMC Software
Ash is a true innovator. He not only thinks outside the box, he lives outside the box. His continual dedication to innovation is inspirational. As a manager, he not only cares deeply for the company and project he is working for, but his deep commitment to his team personally is unparalleled. And the success of his teams reflects this. He is a caring leader who gets results.
Chris Meier Fellow, System Design and Management Program, M.I.T
Ash is an inspirational leader who empowers those that work for him to produce excellent results. He has a commitment to others that facilitates their success and transcends the work setting. Ash is very engaging and his enthusiasm for innovation is pervasive across his endeavors. Ash’s partnership has been very valuable and I recommend him highly.
Igor Samulenko Software Engineer at GlobalLogic
Ash was the first person I met on a project for BMC Software, and from the very first seconds I was inspired by his energy and passion, ability to light a fire in a souls of team members and encourage them to work towards the common goal. I really enjoyed working with Ash and one can hardly find such a bright, synergic and creative thinking person.
What I do